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Chinese economic is being transformed and upgraded, how to develop the renewable resource industry?
Jan 07, 2019

The strategic positioning of renewable resource industry

  • From the general strategy of China, the positioning of renewable resource industry: in the field of resource recycling, green revolution will lead and change a new round development in the world.

  • From the areas of China, divided into eastern coast, central region, west region and southwest region, eastern coast is in the progress of industrial transformation, green economic and resource recycling, central region is continue in the industrial progress, west region is relatively backward in economy.

  • From the effect of renewable resource in ecologic civilization, renewable resource is an important and effective way in building ecologic civilization.

The features of renewable resource industry

  • Labor intensive, minor enterprises is the majority in the filed of renewable resource industry, production progress needs much labor;

  • Skill intensive, various of products covers many technologies.

  • Strong policy, state policy has powerful influence;

  • High correlation of industry chain.

The development trend in renewable source industry

  • The renewable resource industry will promote construction of ecologic civilization, mainly three points, green development, recycling development and low-carbon development.

  • Recycling-promote the recycling in different industries, including building the system of recycling, agriculture and service.

  • Synergy-We encourage the combination between production, study and research, to realize creative and cooperative industry.

  • High value conversation-It will be helpful for industry upgrading if we could promoted a high value conversation. It should be a direction in the future.

  • Professional-Increase the effective of using resource, achieve the development of renewable resource scale and refinement.

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