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Maintenance from DGM
Dec 03, 2018

Plastic granulators are designed to be robust and long lasting. However, it’s very important to keep a granulator properly maintained which will prevent costly repairs or parts exchanges in the future. First and foremost, it is essential to routinely sharpen and rotate both the rotor and stationary knives.

This will ensure maximum granulation efficiency as well as putting less stress on the wear and tear of the machine. During operation, make sure the keep foreign, stiff objects such as metals away. Commonly overlooked items such as nuts and bolts have the potential to severely damage a granulator by chipping knives, damaging the rotor, and even breaking through a granulator’s casing. Always keep an eye on the granulator screen making sure it is not clogged during operation.

A clogged granulator screen blocks cut pieces of plastic from exiting the granulation causing a buildup of material inside the cutting chamber which jams the rotor. A jammed rotor can lead to the premature wear of the drive belts, and in more serious cases, a burned out electric motor. Lastly, always keep the motor and bearings well oiled.

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