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Plastic recycling market value
Jul 20, 2018

At present, the market value of waste plastics applications in China is more than 100 billion yuan. In recent years, the price increase of plastic raw materials has greatly promoted the market, and the price of discarded plastics has also risen sharply. Among them, the most pure polyethylene and polypropylene recycled materials have the highest price of more than 6000 yuan/ton (November 2005). Close to the price of raw materials before the rise. In addition to disposable plastic bags and fast food boxes, large city garbage can hardly find the shadow of waste plastic products, indicating that the recycling degree of waste plastics has been significantly improved. However, at present, China's recycling technology is still far from the advanced level in foreign countries. Therefore, the sustainable development of China's plastics industry should focus on the center of plastics and the environment.