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Practical knowledge of classification and identification of PVC waste plastic
Jan 21, 2019

PVC does not burn, smell is pungent chlorine, light green when firing, the longer of soften wire drawing, the better of quality.

Hard chlorine

The folding place is white after folding and pressuring, it’s easily be crushed under pressure, mainly used in downpipe, large shell and some electrical shell, judging quality based on the wire drawing length.

Soft chlorine

Soft, it will be burned after heated fire, common in electrical wire leather, raincoat, etc.

Intermediate chlorine

Between hard chlorine and soft chlorine, hardness is depends on the quantity of plasticizer, intermediate chlorine can become to soft chlorine by adding some plasticizer.

PVC recycling progress as below:

Hard chlorine

PVC bottom--cleaning--sorting--shredding--crushing--recycled products

First, washing PVC bottoms by steam and alkalized liquid to remove labels, then auto and manual sorting, the sorted PVC bottoms final fineness could be 500-1200μm after crushing , purity can reach up to 99.98%.

Soft chlorine

Soft PVC pipe and cables--sorting--cleaning--shredding--crushing--pelletizing or use directly