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PVC granulator production process
Jul 20, 2018

PVC cable material is a general term for cable materials made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). As a traditional cable material, it also has the most important market share in the current domestic market. Because its processing is relatively simple compared to other cable materials, the amount is relatively large.

Production Process:

Raw materials and various additives are added in a certain proportion according to the process sequence-----200-high-mixer-----500 screw feeder-----double screw metering feeder-- -65 twin screw--connector--∮-150 single-screw extruder--one-piece hydraulic plate type automatic screen change--air-cooled die face hot-cutting granulation auxiliary machine--first-class cyclone separator----wind Cold vibrating screen (2.5m)-----Secondary cyclone separator-----wind blower set

Formulation of PVC cable material

70H-PVC cable material formula such as PVC type III 75PHR--active calcium carbonate 35PHR---DOP (plasticizer) 25PHR---epoxy soybean oil soybean oil 3PHR - chlorinated paraffin 20PHR--stabilizer 2.8PHR- - Hard acid 0.6PHR -- CPE 9PHR --- Carrageen 1PHR

(1) Preparation: Stabilizer, filler, and colorant were respectively sieved through an 80-mesh sieve, and respectively added with a plasticizer to be impregnated, and then ground by a three-roll mill or a colloid mill. After weighing, it is reserved. The plasticizer is uniformly mixed and preheated at 90 ° C for use;