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The features of renewable resource industry
Dec 24, 2018

The features of renewable resource industry

Four features:

  • Labor intensive, minor enterprises is the majority in the filed of renewable resource industry, production progress needs much labor;

  • Skill intensive, various of products covers many technologies.

  • Strong policy, state policy has powerful influence;

  • High correlation of industry chain.

The development trend in renewable source industry

  • The renewable resource industry will promote construction of ecologic civilization, mainly three points, green development, recycling development and low-carbon development.

  • Recycling-promote the recycling in different industries, including building the system of recycling, agriculture and service.

  • Synergy-We encourage the combination between production, study and research, to realize creative and cooperative industry.

  • High value conversation-It will be helpful for industry upgrading if we could promoted a high value conversation. It should be a direction in the future.

  • Professional-Increase the effective of using resource, achieve the development of renewable resource scale and refinement.