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The solution for plastic shredder not feeding
Aug 15, 2018

The plastic shredder mainly uses the shearing and closing action of the rotor knives and the stator knives to cut and granulate the material entering the cutting chamber, and the material that meets the size of the screen after shredding passes through the bottom screen to filter out . The material larger than the screen aperture is tumbling upward under the action of the internal air flow and again into the cutting area for further pulverization.

When we use the plastic shredder, we will definitely encounter some mechanical failures. When we feel that there is no way to solve the mechanical failure, we should seek help. The plastic shredder manufacturer DGM will answer the problem that the plastic shredder not feeding:

1.For the plastic shredder, the discharge conveyor is generally equipped as standard. The customer needs to adjust the discharge device according to the actual material during production to avoid the phenomenon that the bottom of the screen is blocked and not discharged due to the slow discharge speed.

2.There is too few material in the cutting chamber. Driven by the air flow inside the machine cavity,plastic material roll up caused not feeding.Solution: The material should be added continuously.

3.The screen aperture is too small, and the bottom of the screen is blocked because of feeding too fast. This is also a common phenomenon. We need to properly replace the screen with a larger aperture.

4.Caused by the blade gap is too large. Due to the different materials, the gap of the plastic blade should be adjusted to make the material repeatedly pulverized. Solution: Adjust the blade gap to the proper position.

The situation that the plastic shredder not feeding is mainly due to these problems. After understanding the problem, we could generally solve the problem of not cutting the material. Of course, if there are other problems, it is necessary to find a professional manufacturer for repair.