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Wet Granulator
Nov 26, 2018

A wet granulator is a granulator with added water jets or hoses aimed inside the cutting chamber. The water is contained within the cutting chamber via the addition of extra seals. To prevent rust, the rotor and granulator housing are plated with chrome nickel alloy or are galvanized.


A wet granulator has many benefits over drying processing primarily as it partially cleans the plastic during size reduction. The water also acts as a lubricant between the rotor and stationary knives. In the dry granulation process, the knives usually become hot enough to melt the plastic within the cutting chamber. This makes cleaning the granulator slightly difficult as melted plastic must be scraped off. With wet granulators, the added water significantly lowers friction between the knives lowering the temperature way below plastic’s melting point. It’s been proven to also reduce the dulling of the knives reducing up the three times the need for sharpening.

A wet granulator is commonly used in plastic film washing lines.