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What are Industrial Shredders?
Oct 29, 2018

What are Industrial Shredders?

Many companies struggle with the disposal of oversized waste piles. Where to take it, how to dispose of it, how to become more eco-friendly? In recent years, many businesses have invested in industrial shredders to solve many of these problems. But really, what is an industrial shredder and why do you need one?

Industrial Shredders are high-powered machines used to cut through and destroy the toughest debris in all types of environments. Buyer beware though – not all waste is created equal and should not be treated the same.  The size, shape and material composition can have a significant impacts on the ideal grinder or shredder that is chosen in your facility.

Ensuring there is enough power and cutting force to achieve your overall goal is key.  Inspecting and performing routine check-ups on the operating speed and torque of the shredder or grinder is very important for the functionality.  Industrial shredders have a slow speed, high torque processing power, specifically designed to decreases the energy intake, leading to less stress on the motor. The slow rotating speed and high torque of the shaft generated by these shredders are effective across various types of waste in both wet and dry applications. Due to their versatility, a wide range of styles and sizes are available. So, what type of shredder will fit your needs?


Hopper Fed Industrial Shredders

Hopper fed shredders, which shear (uses a scissor-type motion to cut through solids) are ideal for industrial environments.  The Hopper Fed SHRED Series are industrial shredders that can handle a variety of different materials and shred them down to size.  These shredders are customizable to ensure they can meet the needs for a variety of applications.  Whether you need particle size reduction, product destruction, feedstock preconditioning, these shredders can be customized to meet your applications exacting needs!

How do industrial shredders work?

Based on the throughput, cutter force and particle size that your industry is trying to achieve, there is a shredder that will accomplish your goal. Our shredders’ throughput range is from 200kgs/hr to 6000kgs/hr. The cutting force will be determined by the type of solid and strength of the material that is being shredded. We often recommend to test the material being shredded to ensure that the industrial shredder is specified to meet the precise needs of your application. Our motors diameter range from 457mm to 800mm.

Why are Industrial Shredders used?

The main usage for industrial shredders is the ability to reduce the size of waste that is being destroyed and protect pumps and equipment from damage.  With so many harsh products being destroyed, it is necessary to start protecting your equipment before it is too late. Industrial shredders can shred debris large or small, hard or soft. Once the debris or waste has been shredded, there are various options for the remains.  In many instances the remains are recycled and used for feedstock preconditioning, composting or event manufactured into different products. With the increase in hauling and landfill fees, many companies have converted to grinding!

Benefits of Industrial Shredders:

  • Low energy consumption

  • High torque to break up tough objects

  • High Throughput

  • Reduces unplanned process downtime & maintenance costs

What Industries Use Industrial Shredders?

Industrial Shredders are working every day protecting pumps, destroying debris or just making things work better. They are found in applications like recycling, waste to energy, commercial facility sewage, food processing, and oil & gas – just to name a few.