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DGM Plastic Shredder Helps Our Clients’ Community Become Zero Waste
Oct 22, 2018

Our clients’ company was founded off the back of an initiative launched at the complex, “WASTE NOT WANT”, which has the goal of reducing the amount of waste it creates so that it ultimately becomes a zero waste building.

It located within the complex receives surplus food from local supermarkets. Naturally running such an enterprise creates a lot of waste from the food packaging and in particular, plastic waste. They saw this as an opportunity and wanted to come up with a systematic way of using the discarded plastic to create new desirable products.

To transform this plastic from trash to treasure, they would need to first wash the collected plastics, shred them into small pieces, melt the plastics, before finally moulding and shaping it into the new products that they would become.

They contacted DGM in May 2017 to discuss the possibility of building a plastic shredding machine which would help to drastically reduce the amount of time needed to create these recycled plastic products, as the plastic would no longer need to be manually shredded.

After discussing their requirements, DGM got to work building a complete shredding machine fitted with an electric motor powerful enough to cut through thick plastics, and equipped with a polycarbonate hopper which would serve the function of allowing them to load the plastic waste in bulk above the machine as well as keeping their hands safely away from the rotating blades. 

Since receiving the shredding machine, our clients have been able to significantly speed up the rate in which they are able to create their new recycled plastic creations. From the discarded plastic collected at the community centre complex, they have managed to create beautiful products ranging from earrings to pin badges and buttons which they sell locally alongside their recycled textile fashion line.

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