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Granulator Market Prospects
Jul 20, 2018

Plastic granulators used in the petroleum and petrochemical industry are becoming more and more large-scale, and due to strong demand, the situation of tight supply and extended delivery time is becoming more and more prominent. Granulator refers to a unit that adds different additives to the resin according to different purposes, and is heated, kneaded and extruded to make the resin raw material into a granular product suitable for secondary processing. The plastic granulator is widely used in petroleum and petrochemical industries. industry. There are two large granulator manufacturers in the world, one in Japan and one in Germany. The Japanese Kobe Steel Company has a very high market share in the Chinese market.

According to industry experts, due to the rapid development of the global petrochemical industry, the demand for plastic granulators has increased rapidly, plastic granulators have become more and more large, and users have more requirements for mechanical stability and energy saving. The higher it is. The main reason for the difficulty in supplying the granulator and the extension of the delivery time is due to the increase in demand.