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Plastic Granulators To Fit Any Need
Nov 09, 2018

A plastic granulator from DGM can be used across a wide range of industries, including the worlds of injection molding and blow molding.


Our plastics granulators serve many different applications, with each one guaranteed to meet your specific needs with an unmatched performance.


DGM is dedicated to supplying top-tier products to its customers for their varied manufacturing and industrial needs, and our line of plastic granulators are an example of that dedication.


Low-Speed Granulators

DGM’s low-speed plastic granulators come in solid rotor/staggered blade and open rotor/scissor cut models. Both of these models are soundproof and are ideal for grinding a range of materials. Open rotor plastic grinders are useful for less dense, airy pieces like bottles, film and thin wall housings, while solid rotor grinders are more suited for heavy parts.


All of these product specifications are only a portion of what each DGM system provides. For a full listing of specifications, sizes and prices, click the individual product listings above.


And remember, every recycling granulator and plastic grinder we sell offers safe and easy access for cleaning and maintenance without tools. We want you to have the finest machines available, which is why we are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction with every piece of equipment you purchase from us.


Find the Perfect Plastics Granulator for Your Company Today

DGM is ready to put its plastics grinders and granulators to the test for your company. As stated above, we’re happy to supply you with a demonstration of our granulation processes and our team will be able to help assist you in determining the best model for your needs.


The DGM Difference

If a customer has a material they are unsure about in relation to the granulation process, we are happy to test the materials with our onsite lab machines and then send the resulting granulated material for inspection.


DGM also ensures that all of its plastic granulators have properly gapped knives to prevent any malfunction and to ensure effective granulation.


Contact us today with any questions!

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