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Shredder Ability
Jul 20, 2018

Shredder ability refers to the paper thickness and the maximum number of sheets that can be processed by the shredder at one time, and the amount of shredded paper is the throughput of the machine itself. A typical shredder can break 13-15 pieces at a time, and a large shredder can break 60-70 pieces at a time. Generally, the better the shredded paper, the better the shreddering ability. For example, the nominal shredding capacity of a brand shredder is A4, 70g, 7-9 sheets, which means that the shredder can handle the shredded thickness once. 70g of A4 format paper seven to nine. The general office chooses A4, 70g, 3-4 sheets to meet the daily work needs. If it is a large office, you should choose the appropriate format and faster paper shredder according to your needs. Existing large shredders can generally reach 60-70 sheets each time.

When shredding paper, it must be used according to the shredder ability that the machine can withstand, so as to avoid abnormal machine jam, excessive motor load and so on.