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Shredder Development
Jul 20, 2018

The first generation of the first generation of transmission mechanism is mostly belt transmission, low noise, but for a long time of work, the belt is deformed and stretched, and even broken, the belt surface teeth are easy to wear, and the machine runs and slips.

The second generation of plastic gear transmission, because the plastic gear is difficult to accurately grasp in the process of injection molding, shrinkage, etc., the accuracy of the gear itself is not high, under high-speed operation, the noise is large; because the plastic parts are brittle, the toughness is poor, easy to appear Broken teeth.

The third generation of metal sprocket: quiet operation, low energy loss, efficient cutting, perfect coordination of the components of the cutting system to achieve convincing features.

The fourth-generation shredder transmission mechanism is a metal gear transmission. The metal gear overcomes the above-mentioned defects, but the technical and maintenance uncontrollability due to the installation precision of the metal mechanism, the lubrication condition of the gear meshing, and the lubrication effect of long-term operation.

The fifth generation diamond compact movement, using alloy steel material, metal tool quenching treatment, complete CNC machine tool processing technology, process to ensure the installation accuracy of the transmission part, so that wear is reduced to a minimum, to ensure product quality stability, reduce noise. Quality assurance; super-all-steel all-metal gears, special steel roller knives, high-quality high-strength motors.

The sixth generation of high-tech multimedia series crusher, high technical content; can be a large number of broken discs, floppy disks, tapes, video, etc.; with a protective film embedded button panel, to ensure forward, back, stop, full paper shutdown and other functions.

The seventh generation is concerned with the quality of life, and the products have higher requirements for environmental protection functions and performance safety. Therefore, the storage box partition, the motor overheat protection function, the overload automatic stop function, the storage box is not closed, the power is off, etc. Functions are being used more and more.

The eighth generation On the basis of satisfying the versatility and high performance, the shredder's shredder ability, security level and service life have been strengthened.