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Thailand Totally Prohibit Importing Plastic Waste From 2021
Jan 16, 2019

Xinhua News, Bangkok, November 3rd, Thai Ministry of Defense officer said a few days ago, Thai has already prohibited 422 types of electronic wastes, and decided completely prohibited importing plastic wastes from 2021.

May, 2018

At the beginning of May, a shipping company announced that refused to receive plastic waste, leading many Thai plastic waste investors to believe that Thailand will ban plastic waste from August 1st, but this rumour storm stopped soon.

May 30th, Thai media reported that Thailand police will increase crack down for “foreign garbage” . Three Thai waste and recycling companies have been prosecuted in May, they may face 10 years in prison.

June, 2018

Omnidirectional rectification period

July, 2018

Thai Customs spokesman said on July 23th, they will return large quantity of plastic and electronic wastes containers, total 600 containers, about 12,000 tons wastes.


Allround prohibit news

No one country is willing to be the dumping ground, developing countries just hope to make up the lacking of resource.

Since China banned the wastes, Southeast countries carries a large amount of plastic wastes from developed countries, which brings much pressure to these countries. In the last, Southeast Asia countries will ban the door of plastic waste.