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The Recovery Rate Of PET Bottle Is Up To 92% In Japan, What Is The Difference Compared With China?
Feb 13, 2019

 The newest date from the Council for PET Bottle Recycling reported that consumers and enterprises collecting 92% used PET bottles, and 84.8% PET bottles are recycled.

Japan aim to realize 100% recycling rate for PET bottles. Japanese recycling rate is much higher than EU (59.8%) and US (29.2%).

Japan recycled 61,300 tons PET bottles.


Why does Japan can realize such high recycling rate?

  • 3R strategy has key effect

Japan government propose 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) policy. Under this policy, Japan government, enterprises, non-governmental organization and individuals work together for reduce plastic, reuse plastic.

  • Completed and detailed PET sorting system

Japanese rubbish sorting system is very harsh, Every cities has relevant laws and regulations, specify how to sort rubbish and list very clear for collecting flowchart.


  • Three key technologies

Including machinery recycling, chemistry recycling and heat recycling.

Compared with Japan, what are the reasons for low PET recycling and reuse ratio in China.

  • Public have weak environmental awareness

  • Garbage collection and classification policy is not perfect

  • Front-end design of PET bottle does not take into account of recycling

  • Recycling is mainly based on physical mechanical method


PET bottle is one of the most valuable products in plastic recycling products, high grade PET bottle sheet could be widely used in textile, packaging, unsaturated resin, sheet, and even for food packaging.