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UN | There Is No Powerful Projects To Solve Plastic Pollution, But Recycling Is Necessary
Feb 13, 2019

Recently, UNEP published an article“Plastic recycling: an underperforming sector ripe for a remake” which thought that plastic recycling is underperforming, need to remolding.

There are about 300 million tons plastic waste every year all the world. Only 9% of plastic wastes have been recycled, reasons are very complex.

Take US as an example, single recycling-no separating in household-recycling ratio rise much, but as the plastic becoming more and more complex, people start to put wrong things in recycling collecting bin. As research from the biggest recycling management company, one in four is not recyclable in collecting bin.

China import almost half of waste in the world since 1992, while China ban importing plastic waste in 2018 which exposed the weakness of many other countries recycling equipment.

Financial reasons, depends on the oil price, it is very cheap to make raw plastic,  as is known to all the market of recycled plastic is unstable, investors are not willing to inventing this industry.

In UK, it’s reported that the government plan to charge 10 million pounds from supermarket, retailer and some main beverage brands as recycled cost. This strategy including planing to increase the distribution of retailers and manufacturers from 70 million pounds to 500-1000 million pounds, and some smaller factories.

EU strategy

EU publish a plastic strategy in January, 2018, said it will committed to make all plastic packaging recyclable and reusable by 2030. It will take 200,000 jobs, in the term of recycling capacity increasing four times. EU has 25 million tons plastic waste, recycled less than 30%, and half was exported to China.

As part of strategy, EU will make new rules for packaging to increase the possibility of recycling.

Actions from big brands

In October, 2018, waste management company Veolia and consumption company Unilever expressed that they will invest together to increase the recycle and reuse of plastic. This three year term cooperation will conduct in India and Indonesia. They will try to enlarge the infrastructure of gather and recycle waste.

The efforts of junkmen

In many developing economies, millions of junkmen are recycling. They could be at the forefront of sustainable development, but they are suffering from bad working condition, lacking of rights and respect.

Every countries are trying to find a suitable way to solve plastic pollution, recycling is necessary. China reused half of plastic waste before, after banning importing waste, how to improve the ratio of recycling will be all of our effort direction.